Surface Preparation and Concrete Repair

Do you have a concrete floor that is out of level? We have the tools and knowledge that can bring your concrete substrate to tolerance. Do you need your concrete substrate prepared for surface coatings?

When concrete needs resurfacing or preparation for other floor coverings such as vinyl, carpet, ceramic tile, or hardwood and tight tolerances are required, we use the builder’s level to find the hills and valleys. We grind the hills and fill the valleys to bring the floor to within tolerance, usually 3mm over 3m. This is achieved by using a combination of levelling compounds and very aggressive tooling. Our tooling provides a CSP of up to 5. We can abrade up to 2000 sq.ft./hr.

We have the expertise to remove material left behind when removing old floor coverings. Ever conscious of indoor air quality control, we have experience removing black mastic, epoxy coatings and various glues adhesives.