Polishable Cementitious Overlays

Cementitious Overlays

This is a custom floor inspired by the engravings found in a Chinese coin. We created tiles seeded with aggregate and placed them in an intricate design pattern over 2700 sq ft. With the tiles in place, we added a cementitious overlay seeded with a marble aggregate throughout. Once polished, the floor in this luxury restaurant is said to rival its sister restaurant in Hong Kong. We look forward to adding more photos from this project once the restaurant’s remaining construction is complete.

Some concrete floors are just too beat up to be a good candidate for polishing. Perhaps the concrete has been trenched for plumbing, or perhaps there is staining or ghosting from previous floor coverings. Fortunately, there are polishable overlays that can provide you with a floor that is level and free of marring. Colour can be added to an overlay as an integral part of the mix or distributed over top after pouring. An integral colour will appear more consistent across the overlay, require more colour, and come at a higher price. When one desires a special glass aggregate, seeding is an economic approach that can be used to a very pleasing effect. We simply broadcast the aggregate on top of the leveling compound at the time of the pour. After which we grind to reveal a scintillating cache.

We are certified Ardex and MAPAI installers.

The following are circumstances where cementitious overlays are appropriate:

  • Uneven floors
  • Pitted floors
  • Mitigating other trade’s damage
  • Renovations
  • To supply an even, consistent exposure for polishing
  • When you desire an integrally coloured overlay