Fairfield Project

About This Project

The homeowner was acting as general contractor on this site. The house was built on a subdivided lot in an older part of town. While the exterior fits in seamlessly with the neighbourhood, the interior is a gem of modern convenience.

Izzy, the homeowner, contracted us to polish the concrete floors and originally desired a salt and pepper finish both upstairs and downstairs. Upon our arrival we noticed the excellent concrete placement and finishing skills of Grant Thorburn, of Thorburn Concrete. We recognized immediately this was a great opportunity to achieve an elegant cream polish finish. The floor was poured with mastery and that later allowed us to create this desirable finish. Initially, the homeowner wanted a salt and pepper finish but was gracious enough to allow us some creative licence in the basement. While in the basement we achieved a beautiful cream polish, on the main floor Izzy expressed herself by seeding the concrete with glo stones and we completed the look with a salt and pepper finish. This project was a true pleasure.